5 Ways to Display Letterbox Flowers  at Home

5 Ways to Display Letterbox Flowers at Home

Whether you’re searching for an eye-catching centrepiece for your table, or simply looking to add some extra life and colour to your home, a vibrant bouquet of flowers does the perfect job. You can get creative with your letterbox flowers and arrange your own. While flower arrangements may look complicated, it’s actually super simple to arrange your letterbox flowers like a pro. Get creative with your seasonal flowers! Follow these simple tips and find new ways to arrange your letterbox flowers at home.

Letterbox Flowers in a Glass Jar

Bored of always putting your flowers in the same old vase? Instead, try presenting your fresh letterbox flowers in a jar. The best part about it is that you don’t have to go out and buy a new vase - simply reuse old mason jars or jam jars for a charming, rustic look. A stunning flower arrangement doesn’t have to be pricey or over-complicated. Here are some unique ways to arrange your flowers in a jar, that will guarantee to impress guests.

A Plain, Simple Jar


Don’t overcomplicate it - sometimes, your beautiful letterbox flowers are all you need to impress! A simple, clean mason or jam jar will ensure your flowers remain the centre of attention, while boasting a rustic, stylish look. You can even add some ribbon or string around the top of the jar for something a little extra.

A Painted Jar

Get creative and paint your jar! Try painting your jar a colour that complements the colours of your flowers. For example, pink roses would look absolutely stunning inside a rose gold painted jar. Alternatively, you can paint your jar a neutral colour, like beige or baby pink, if you want to ensure that your flowers remain the centre of attention.

Use Multiple Jars as a Table Centrepiece 


Turn your old jars into a sophisticated, impressive-looking table centrepiece. Mason and jam jars are often small, yet by grouping a few jars together in the centre of the table, they can become the perfect centrepiece. Don’t hesitate to use jars of different shapes and sizes for a unique, eye-catching look.

Letterbox Flowers in a Jug

A jug makes a great letterbox vase to present your flowers in. Like with the jars, what’s so great about jugs is that you may already have one stored at home. Simply arrange your letterbox flowers and present them in a jug to give your home a charming, alluring look.

A jug letterbox flower arrangement as a table centrepiece 



Transform your jug into an elegant flower table arrangement that is guaranteed to capture your guests’ attention. If you are entertaining lots of guests around a large table, try using a large jug with a plentiful bouquet to place in the centre. Or, you may be looking for a simple centrepiece for a coffee table and might therefore want to use a smaller jug for a more delicate, simplistic letterbox flower arrangement.

A glass jug


Often, less is more. Ensure that your fresh letterbox flowers are the centre of attention by using a plain, glass jug. A plain glass jug is also a good idea if you are displaying your flowers in a busy, colourful room.

A coloured jug

Try something bold and add a pop of colour to your neutral surroundings with a colourful jug. This would work fabulously in a neutral-toned or monochromatic kitchen. Try placing your jug on the kitchen island, a large windowsill or even as a centrepiece on the dining table.

Letterbox Flowers in Hanging Bottles 

Display your letterbox flowers in hanging glass bottles for something a little playful and fun. This is yet another way to create an eye-catching letterbox flower arrangement with recycled household items. Any old glass bottle will work - beer bottles, wine bottles and milk bottles are commonly used examples. This is a great idea for both indoor and outdoor decor and will certainly transform a space.

Here’s how to create hanging vases out of glass bottles.

What you will need:

  • Your choice of fresh letterbox flowers
  • Glass bottles of choice
  • Twine


  1. Clean your glass bottles of choice
  2. Cut your twine to your desired length, depending on where you wish to hang them
  3. Wrap the twin around the bottle’s neck until the bottle feels secure - remember to tie the twine in a firm knot to ensure that the bottles are held up properly
  4. Arrange your letterbox flowers in your new vase

If you don’t have anywhere suitable to hang your glass bottles, or aren’t looking for hanging flowers, you can simply prop the bottles up on a table, or a windowsill. Having bottles of various shapes and sizes lined up in a row creates an eye-catching effect. You can even collect bottles of the same shape and size, wrap them together with a large ribbon so that they form a square (9 small bottles would work perfectly) to create a unique centrepiece for your table.

Letterbox Flowers in a Watering Can


A watering can serves as the perfect vase for your letterbox flower arrangement, especially if you are looking to decorate an outdoor space during spring or summer. The great thing about watering cans is that they come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose depending on the letterbox flowers you wish to use. Don’t worry if you only have an old, rusty watering can as you can simply restore it by painting it with a colour of your choice.

Letterbox Flowers in a Vintage Tin

Another unique way to present your letterbox flowers at home is by arranging them in vintage tins. While you can buy these in most homeware stores or even in vintage shops, any old tin will work. Even an old soup tin! Simply line your can with a plastic container, as tins are not water-tight. Then all that’s left is adding water and your letterbox flower arrangement. Either line your tins in a neat row and place them on a side table, or place a singular tin on top of a pile of books, or on a large coaster, to give your coffee table a beautiful centrepiece. This idea is perfect if you are looking to give your home or garden a vintage feel.

Alternatively, if you have old tins stored away at home but you aren’t a fan of the vintage look, wrap your tin with some coloured fabric, wrapping paper, or even get hands-on and paint it yourself. Transform an old tin into a sparkling, colourful vase and add a burst of colour to your home.

Our Letterbox Flowers

With these simple, innovative ways to present your letterbox flowers, your home will never have to look or feel boring again. With our convenient letterbox flowers delivery service, it has never been easier to decorate your house with fresh blooms all year round. At LetterBuds, we understand that not everyone has the time, or the money, to select an elaborate bouquet from a florist. Simply select your flowers on our website and receive them straight to your door, or even receive them directly through your letterbox. We also have letterbox flower subscription packages for those with extra-busy lifestyles, or those who simply want a guaranteed supply of fresh, seasonal blooms. Whether you’re already a flower expert, or a total amateur, this service is accessible to everyone, with suggestions of which flower combinations to choose for the right occasion or look as well as the option to independently select your own flowers.
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