Flower Subscription FAQs

We offer the option to set up an ongoing flower subscription either for you or as a gift.  With Letterbuds you can delight someone you love with a continuous supply of beautiful seasonal flowers with our letterbox flower subscription. You can also subscribe to receive flowers at the office periodically. You don’t have to place the order again and again. Just choose the periodicity and we will do the rest!

You can modify, pause or stop your flower subscription anytime directly from our website or by phone.

Note: if the below applies:
When you log in to your account, you'll see a button that says 'Manage Subscriptions'. Here you are able to pause your subscription.

Note: if the below applies+add info:
To skip a delivery, click ‘Manage Subscriptions’ and then ‘Delivery Schedule’ on the left hand side of the page. Here you will be able to see your upcoming deliveries (please note - the date associated with each order is the date the order is sent through to our system - the flowers will be delivered the next day). Simply click ‘skip’ under the date you’d like to change, and you’ll skip to the next scheduled delivery. If you would like to change the date on a delivery rather than skip it, please email us at info@letterbuds.co.uk.

The payments are taken as follows:

  • For the ongoing subscription we take the payment 3 days before the flower delivery;
  • For the weekly, fortnightly, or monthly subscriptions we take the payment on the day you subscribe;

Note: You can modify or pause your subscription anytime from your account.

  • For weekly subscription - we send the flowers every sixth day and they will arrive on the next day;
  • For fortnight subscription - we send your flowers every 13th day and they will arrive on the next day;
  • For monthly subscription - we send the flowers every 28 days and they will arrive on the next day;

Yes, of course! You can choose between a wide selection of seasonal flowers.

You can change your flowers directly from your account. We always send a reminder email a few days before your next delivery informing you that the selection option would be locked.

The bouquets you can choose are based on your subscription plan, and the availability on the delivery date.

Some of the flowers in your bouquet might be out-of-stock. In these cases, we replace these flowers with similar ones so your bouquet might look a bit different.

Our main goal is to make gifting flowers a joyful process for both sides. We value our customers' needs and always try to provide them with the best customer experience possible. But if something is not perfect with your order, flowers, or else, our Customer Experience team will help you right away.